Happy Monday fam!!!! So what are you doing today??? Me, Just writing reviews.

So this gonna be a huge review haul of Indus valley products which includes some hair colors and some must things which every home should have. So basically INDUS VALLEY is a Ayurvedic beauty brand which totally believes in bio organic products and this what they manufacture.

Well they have so many ranges and I’m reviewing some of them here. So let’s get started:-

  1.  INDUS VALLEY ORGANIC NATURAL HAIR COLOR :- This is a gel based black hair color which cost for 575 bucks for a single pack and this pack includes :-

Tube of Aloe Honey Gel-120ml, Sachets of Herbal hair color powder , Aloe after colour protective shampooing conditioner, Hair Eaze hair mask, Applicator brush, one pair of gloves, instruction leaflet

It will give you a damage free results, cover grey hair and it is very gentle on your hair .



2. INDUS VALLEY SPOTT COLOR:– This hair colour comes in a capsule formation and this won’t made you get messed up while colouring your hair.  For a good concern they have created this amazing dark brown colour capsules.

This pack cost for 499 bucks which includes:- 20 premeasured capsules, Before and after Hair cleanser, Measuring cup, Pipette, Applicator brush, one pair of gloves, instruction leaflet.


  • Wear your gloves and open the capsule in measuring cup . 1 capsule is sufficient for hair root touch-up or for beard hair colouring .
  •  Use a cotton bud to gently apply cleanser over the desired coloring area. Gently massage in and rub off. Reapply it if needed. After cleansing rinsed clean area with water.
  • Leave for minimum 30 minutes increase the time if having more grey hair .
  • After colouring use cleanser to remove colourants. Rinsed clean area with water to remove all traces.
  • Before everything do a trial check.


  • Root touch ups
  • Side burn
  • Mustaches
  • Beard
  • Goatty
  • Temple area

So this is all about hair colour hope you will give it  a chance and also they are clinically certified so there will be no chance of any issues.


3. INDUS VALLEY CHARCOAL POWDER:- I hope you all are aware of charcoal powder, they are very effective and very useful with many of the uses. Most importantly they work well on face helps in tightening pores, works on acne, refresh your skin, remove dullness on skin and many more . Also I will suggest you to buy this charcoal for peel off mask because this won’t cleansed easily. Also it is worth for price i.e 199 bucks.IMG_20180919_175334

4. INDUS VALLEY SANDALWOOD FACE PACK :– This one really works well having so many advantages . I am applying this for my acne and you can use it for so many uses like skin brightness and many more . It cost around 199 bucks .


5. INDUS VALLEY BIO ORGANIC ALOEVERA GEL :- Aloevera gel is a must product which every home should have as it has multiple uses and it works best for acne . also I will suggest you to use it on hair and the fragrance of this gel is so amazing and i love the  texture of this gel. It cost for 199 bucks .

6. INDUS VALLEY HAIR ULTIMA SPA:- This is essential for maintaing a healthy hair growth. It is basically a procedure that helps to make your hair strong, bouncy and shining. It also works on hair damage and dandruff.

Apply it after shampoo with or without heat and leave for 15 minutes and cleanse it off . It will conditioned your hair  so well. This one is an amazing product which cost for 299 bucks.

7. INDUS VALLEY MULTANI MITTI POWDER:– Multani mitti has a good power to work for so many issues and it is important to get a natural multani mitti so i suggest you to go with Indus valley. I am absolutely loving the texture of this multani mitti and it cost for 199 bucks . So for this price its very amazing .


Also you guys stay tuned for their uses. Will surely write a blog n brief of their uses. Till then follow me on my instagram :- and do give a try to these amazing products.

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Recently I have received a package of Non electric Air Purifiers from DR. CHARCOAL which are very natural and organic and doesn’t induldge with any other fragrances. I am absolutely loving those air purifiers and using it from last week.

So basically these purifiers work on nasty odors and impurities present in the air and DR. CHARCOAL came up with these amazing air purifiers in different sizes. I have 2 of them which is of 200 gm and 75gm and cost around 599 bucks for big one and 399 bucks for small.

The packaging is absolutely good and it comes with a zip lock plastic bag and inside that there is a sponge like product covers with a jute bag and i.e charcoal air purifiers. These air purifier bag contains highest quality of activated charcoal whose surface contains micro pores and there are nano pores on bag which helps in absorbing nasty odors and impurities.

How and where to use:-

1. First of all remove the zip lock packaging of air purifiers and take out bags from inside then hang it in the area that need air purification.

2. You can use it in your kitchen , washrooms, bedrooms, cars, laundry room etc. I’m using the small one in washroom and big one in bedroom.

3. One in a month place the bags outside in sunlight for 1 hour to reactivate the charcoals.


1. It is very affordable as compared to other purifiers.

2. It is very portable you can use it anywhere without any plugging issues.

3. It is 100% non toxic , eco friendly and scentless.

4. It can be hanged anywhere .

5. It contains a 3 years validity.

6. It could be recycled in the soil to make wonderful manure.

7. It is safe to use around childrens and pets too.

So this is the review for this air purifier. You can purchase it from amazon I will put down links at the end. Hope you like it and please don’t forget to like and comment below what you think about it.

Amazon link :- Dr. Charcoal Non Electric Air Purifier, Dehumidifier And Air Freshner – 200 Grams (Modish Khaki)

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Jaipur highlights!!!!

Hello loves!!!

So I was in Jaipur last week and there I had attend bloggers meet at zero-gravity which is one of the best restro,lounge and rooftop. I’ll definitely share some sneak peaks of that meet also I was busy with some shoots and guys that shoot was all from my closet so ofcourse I’m very excited to show you that.

As you all know that Jaipur is a very beautiful city with very amazing historical places and there it is also known as Pink City. Well I’m really missing my last week fun but moreover I’m very excited to show pictures of my Jaipur tour.

So yeah let’s begin with bloggers meet:-

This place is actually beautiful yet amazing for their ambience, rooftops, lounge, their food and servings.

I really love this all in one place and yes crowd is really good there also they come up with great dj nights for knowing more about zero-gravity you must be following them on Instagram.

After this I went for a morning shoot and the location was so amazing that’s near Hawa Mahal which is located in city side area and guys there is a place called Bapu Bazar which is so famous for its shopping and I really love purchasing my jewelleries from there also the ethnic outfit and some Rajasthani touch was so nicely embellished there.

Ok!! My excitement is more for my closet and this pastle kurti and golden pants are from my designs . I wish you guys like it so please show some love by commenting below about this outfit.

If you are looking for some locations for photoshoot then probably this is the best location to get a nice shoot done. Yeah struggle is definitely there for an amazing click but this is the best place guys . Well this place is a backside area of Hawa Mahal . My photographer Sumit really made my shoot amazing and ofcourse me beautiful 😍

And yes no ethnic outfit is complete without some accessories there I had completed my look with some silver earings from Bapu bazar and this very beautiful rose gold Dressberry watch with some pastle colour bellies from Bapu bazar itself.

So yeah this is all for this blog. Check out below for links.


Watch from :- Dressberry India

White top :- Moda Rapido

Sneakers :- missa more clothing

Also you can get this whole look on marsplay app :- check out this URL for more details

Ethnic outfit :- my closet

Accessories:- Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

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Snapchat :- toshniwal4r


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Hello people!!! I’m again back with  a another fashion blog I know its been so long I hadn’t written any fashion blog and sorry for that but this time its gonna be fun styling your boring shirt in 5 different ways and yes these all gonna be a quick ways to do that. I wish you all will like it and please if you guys recreate these look please tag me on that i will feature all looks on my instagram account.  Ok  so let’s have a look on my styles:-

  1. FIRST LOOK:-  This look is a basic look but I made it more stylish by wearing those face shops head band . This really brings some change with your regular outfit.

2. SECOND LOOK:-  For this look I have in the front part of the shirt to make it more cozy and yes i kept the band for some more style . Also i made a different look from the same.



3. THIRD LOOK:-   I further made it more stylish  yet trendy by making it one-sided off and styling the rest by in it from one side. And this is my favourite way of styling my shirt.



4. FOURTH LOOK:-  I was experimenting something and this is the result . I was not expecting this but still I love how it came out. If you guys don’t have any off shoulder top then this is the perfect way to wear something like that. And to make it more stylish i created this whole look. Hope you gonna like it.


5. FIFTH LOOK:-  This look is also a basic and common one. I made a knot at the end of the shirt to make it stylish and crop.



So these are the whole looks. You guys please comment down below which one is your favourite and please let me know how these all are . Also don’t forget to tag me if you all recreate it and yes don’t forget to share , like and comment on this post.  Also let me know if you want me to make such videos for youtube channel and follow me on my all social handles and i’m happy to tell you that now i am on LIKE, MUSICALLY and ROPOSO so you follow me on insta for more such updates.










Hello beauties!!! How you all are doing this monsoon?? Well, most of you guys want me to create a post for budgeted lipsticks and then I thought to create a 500 bucks budget. So i bought 5 lipsticks for you which are under 500 and some of them are above 500 but they cost me under budget. Also i will mention down the links so that you can easily purchase you favourite lipsticks from there. So let’s get started:-



So these are the all shades which I’m going to show you guys.  I swatch it out on my hand so that you can see every shades. Also I want to tell you guys that discounts are up on nykaa so this is the good time to purchase your favourite lipsticks.


I know you guys might be thinking that this post is about 5 shades but I want to show 3 more shades to you guys which are under budget and super cheap.

So let’s start this:-

1. ELLE 18 COLOR POPS MATTE:-  This is the perfect lipstick for college girls as it doesn’t cost much and it says good on lips doesn’t make it chapped. So it cost only 100 bucks and I ordered it from nykaa. I’m using the shade pink kiss and mauve gate.

2. 7 HEAVENS COLOR INTENSE:- this is perfectly matte lipstick in shade


101 rich red and it cost me around 250 bucks.

This shade is super red and my 2nd no. swatch is os this shade. You guy can check it out also I’m wearing this shade in my picture.





3. NYKAA SO MATTE LIPSTICKS:- I love this lipstick so personally and I’m in shade 13M mulled wine and it cost me for 360 bucks and in actual it is for 400 bucks.  I bought it from MYNYKAA APP.



lipstick cost 600 bucks in actual but I bought in 420 bucks from nykaa at the time of discounts and now it cost for 450 bucks as nykaa is giving 25% off.



5. SWISS BEAUTY :-  This is a nude matte lipstick in liquid form and it cost me around 150 bucks actually I bought it from a retail store but I’m mentioning the link so that you can purchase it.

6. BLUE HEAVEN INNOCENCE MATTE LIPSTICK:- This lipstick is so cheap as it cost for only 100 bucks and it is matte. So this shade is 06 and it is a mixture of red and orange.

IMG_20180719_145238 (1).jpg

7. PRETTY AND HEALTHY MARS LIPSTICKS:- These are the cheapest lipsticks and it in cream form but it also gets matte after some time and it cost me for 70 bucks.



I hope you guys will love it and

IMG_20180716_163539-01 (1)please let me know which one

is your favourite shade. Also check this put on my you tube channel and for more similar stuffs follow me on my instagram.

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REVIEWING GLAMISHA(glamorous you)!!!

Hello guys!! Happy weekends!!! This time I came with a new brand and a new product review. Also Thank you guys for reading my blogs and please let me know in comment section what you think about this blog.

Glamisha is a team of talented people with big ideas and creative minds. They are working on making  Luxury Beauty & Personal Care Products and they focus to have  pure ingredients, essential oils and extract in their products which makes their products more gentle. And some days before I received their products and i had so good experience with their products as they claim they are super gentle on skin.

What we expect from the products is that they should work for what they claims and GLAMISHA is all about it. Let’s have a look on the products which I’m reviewing:-

These are the three products which i received and they are :-

  1. GLAMISHA FACE LIFT CREAM:-  This cream comes in a tube packaging with vitamin E  ingredient and we all know vitamin E works so good on face for all the issues like skin discoloration, acne scars, pigmentation, glow etc. Most of us use vitamin E oil as a home remedy on our face and what could be better if you get this ingredient in creams? And the best part is that you can apply this cream in day and as well as in night. Just take little on your fingers and massage it on your face while using finger tips. And it cost 970 bucks for 100gm.

    2. GLAMISHA SHAMPOO:- This shampoo also comes in a tube packaging and it is sulphate free which is the best thing in this shampoo. And it works so good on hair it doesn’t let moisture to go and also makes hair smooth and shine. And it is super affordable as it cost 155 bucks for 100 ml. IMG_20180712_1028373. GLAMISHA HAIR CONDITIONER:- This conditioner also comes in a tube packaging and it includes pro vitamin B5 and tea tree oil and these both ingredients are so good for hair. Also guys this conditioner works so well after the shampoo and helps in retaining hair moisture and makes hair smooth and shiny. Also it cost quite more from shampoo but still it is affordable i.e 355 bucks for 100 ml.


This is all about it and guys honestly I’m in love with these 3 products and with their fragrance. I hope you guys would also have a good experience with GLAMISHA and i’m putting links below so that you can directly buy products from their.




Happy Tuesday peeps!!! How you all are doing???? First of all I’m so sorry for not being regular but will gonna get back in routine soon. Ok, so I got many request on my instagram for my hair care routine and then i thought why not to make this happen also guys i came up with a vlog for this same so you all please don’t forget to check my vlog and yes please like, share and subscribe.

So I’m telling you a secret for my hair that is I don’t do much and this is all natural. I know you guys want to know what products i am using but i tell you that i don’t use much products and i never get sucked with any single product. I always change my shampoo, conditioner and my oil after it get finished and i love using different brands and now i’m using some Ayurvedic shampoo from’SRISRISATTVA’ . You guys are my family and personally i want to tell you guys that nothing is better than home remedies i know it require some hassle but these all works. There are so many more expensive things are in market but if you can save in all then please don’t waste your time and money.







I’m telling you guys that I don’t go for any spa’s also I’m not using any expensive shampoo. But yes i spend on my oils as i was facing some dandruff issues quite before but after using oil from ‘REYNATURALS’ its all went over. This oil is just miracle, it’s not greasy and work so well on my hair. If you  go through my old blogs then you will find out this brand I had review it before. So these are the basic products I do use in alternate days and in weekends i use home remedies.


  • Mix onion juice with any regular oil and massage it on your scalp this will help in hair growth
  • Use honey on your hair this will retain hair moisture.
  • Apply aloe vera gel and coconut oil mixture on your hair this will definitely work as a spa cream. As this came up with a cream formation.
  • Mix vitamin E capsules in your regular oil and massage.
  • Apply lemons for dandruff issues.
  • use curd on your hair for good hair strength.
  • Use banana paste on your hair.

These are some home remedies which I use also guys try to protect your hair from heat . And please let me know if you want me to make vlog and blogs on home remedies only. And let me know what you think about it and please share it to your friends whom you want to suggest. And follow me on my social handles. BBYEEE !!!! HAVE A HAPPY TUESDAY.


Hello peeps!!!! How you all are doing??? Well I wanna tell you guys now i am having my own you tube channel and I’m super excited for that. So you guys know much better you had to subscribe it right??? Ok, let’s move towards the blog. If you all remember i had posted a blog on ryaal products before and now i am again reviewing one more product from same brand. Honestly telling i just love their products and now i am using these 3 products for my skin care routine. So i thought why not to write a whole blog post for ryaal’s products.

Ok first of all I wanna tell you guys skin routine is must whatever skin typist you are must follow a good skin routine. Heading forward for ryaal products:-


Ok so these 2 products moisturizer and mask had already reviewed now I’m reviewing this face wash which is totally based on coffee ingredients. Yes I know we all love having coffee but now it’s time to use coffee for your face.

If we look towards its packaging than I’m totally impressed with this , It comes in a box not a tube or bottle and it’s so easy to use it . Also i’m so impressed with the ingredients like it’s totally natural and there are some tints of coffee which could also work as a light scrub. Ok now i’m pointing out the pros of this face wash so that this make you understand to buy it.

  1. It’s packaging is very good and easy to use also it don’t get messed.
  2. Quantity is worth for its price i.e 499 bucks for 200ml.
  3.  Its ingredients are so natural as we use coffee as a home remedy also.
  4. Easy to place everywhere and can be taken anywhere.
  5. Also work as a light exfoliater.
  6. Best for acne prone skins
  7. Doesn’t makes skin dry and white.
  8. Include some consumption of essential oils.

Ok so this is all about the blog. Please let me know what you thinks about it and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also add me on my social handles.

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Hello beauties!!!! how you all are doing???? So I’m back with another review blog and its again a back to back review blog. Do you guys know the benefits of essential oils for our skin and body???? If not then read this blog till the end and please let me know what you think about it and also comment below more benefits you know???

So the brand named ORGANIX MANTRA recently send me tea tree oil and jojoba oil for the review and guys I really loved them. Basically this brand manufacture natural and organic products and guys i would really suggest you to once check their products and give them a try.

So let’s move towards the blog:-

  1. TEA TREE OIL:- Now a days tear tree oil is one of the product which get included in my skin routine and yes it works for my skin so well. I hope you all know how good it is for acne but I will let you know more uses of this oil for our skin and body:-
  •  It reduces skin inflammation & irritation. Apply this oil on affected part by mixing well with some carrier oil or moisturizer.
  • It promote hair growth and cure dandruff. Apply on hair by mixing well in shampoo.
  • it promotes nail growth. Apply it regularly on nail cuticle.
  • Good for oral care.

If we talk about its packaging then i really like this bottle and it is perfect to carry in handbags. It smells so organic and doesn’t have any side effects. This is 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aroma therapeutic use. And it cost 399 bucks for 15 ml.


2. JOJOBA OIL:- This oil also had so much of usages and that are:-

  • For face:- Effective against chhaped, dry lips and wrinkles.
  • For body care:- Ideal for dry skin. Massage well on body and it bought glow to body.
  • For hair care:- Reduce frizz and shine. Its a natural hair toner.
  • For Foot care :- Good for nails and cuticle.
  • For Skin care:- Promotes the balance production of sebum and help avoid outbreaks of skin.

It’s all about its usages, if we look on its packaging then again it is a worthily product for its price which is 649 bucks for 30 ml.

I hope these all will work for you and thank you for reading my blog. I will back again with new review till that guys give these oils a try. No wonder you guys will love it and might include them in your skin routine as well.


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Happy Saturday beauties!!!! How you all doing???Let me know by commenting below what you guys are doing this saturday??? So guys I’m again back with a review blog and I think it’s a back to back series of reviewing but guys will soon come with some fashion stuff till that please stay tuned and also guys let me know what you  think about my blogs?

So summer is all at its peak and you guys please hydrate yourself and your skin as well and don’t forget to keep sunscreen in your bag every time when you go out. well this is a very quick and common tip from my side but this blog is not all about summers but yes it might be related so let’s move towards the blog.

I’m not sure but what I think is that natural products are so in trend these days and yes they are quiet effective for skin. Before 2 weeks i got a parcel from ‘RYAAL’ (name of the brand) they deal in natural products. I will mention their website link and insta link at the end you guys can check it.

So I got 2 products and they are :-

1. GRAPEFRUIT SMOOTHIE MOISTURIZER:- +This moisturizer contains fresh organic grapefruit  infusion, aloe vera juice, vitamin C, rose infusion, organic lemon extract, organic cranberry extract, organic orange fruit extract, kosher vegetable glycerin, raw african shea butter, organic black seed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic bees-wax, glyceryl stearyl citrate, organic coconut oil, xanthum gum, touch me not flower, indian madder, spanish bugloss, indian ginseng, vitamin E

WHAT IT CLAIMS:- it moisture your skin and doesn’t make it oily also it restores glow.

Apply this cream when you want to pamper yourself also test this cream before applying to your face if it suits you or not? If we talk about its packaging then it come in black box and the quality is so good.

So guys this was about the product and let’s have a look on the product:-

2. MAKE ME GLOW FACE MASK:-  This face mask contains Mysore sandalwood powder, mysore sandalwood oil, handcrushed rose petals, wild turmeric root powder, handcrushed orange peel powder, organic orange oil, sweet almond seed meal, silk cotton tree extract, indian madder, Himalayan cherry, touch me not flower, saffron, Kashmiri Daffodil, fuller’s earth, kaolin clay, xanthan gum, aloe vera, glycerin, vitamin E.

WHAT IT CLAIMS:- get instant glow also its ingredients work on acne and acne marks.

These both products cost for 499 bucks each and let’s have a look on this product as well:-

So guys this was the review and overall these products are very good. So yes please like this post and let me know what you think about it.


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